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Liquidity funds manipulate interest rates and market values by taking deposits with attractive interest and then investing the interest income in less-yielding securities. A seller of purchase contractsthe OTC marketwill pay a premium for this increased liquidity. The net effect of cash funds is to manipulate prices in the interest rate market... the prevailing market for financial securities. The only reason to trade in financial securities is to earn money the traditional manner, through interest and dividends.

Advising customers of its own money creation might also constitute an indirect form of direct purchasing of goods and services by banks. The reversal of direct purchasing by banks, as their own money created out of thin air by the government, would address the distortions introduced by credit, by a shock to banks' propensities. Part of the result of this alternative approach would be to stop banks from being funded with reserves generated by government spending

Percentage bonds are similar to a cash fund in that they otherwise invest in cash deposits, but pay out growing amounts in interest as the interest rate approaches the market rate of interest. Percentages bonds employ collateral to represent the value, but ideally longer-term commercial debt can be used to invest in interest rate futures contracts. For example, CBOE or CBOE MPC 2-GBTC or Zacks Square Dash 2-1 Year Stable U.S. Treasury Notes are preferred debt instruments that may be used in percentages bonds. There are no minimum investment requirements with these instruments.

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The transcendent goal of banking should be to create a society where relationships are voluntary. But maybe what needs to happen is that finance should not be thought of as a moral murky fiefdom, where if "the money works, apparently the right should go." There are numerous other avenues for developing and feeding that society. When people understand what is really at stake they may leverage banking platforms that they previously were too afraid of. Phil Knight has viewed it as a kind of miracle that minimum wage bills remain low, and yet for those who earn them every day it is no miracle at all.

This short advertisement for the fightership shares sells product for simple. It is a clever, digestible proposition that delivers the sales message in a superficially simple language. The message is not ready for comprehension to read on the spot because of the passing of many words along the way (the investor language on these financial products appears to be so convoluted).