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. . . Had she been born today, Ida Mae McCoy's scarce belongings would have been packed into one blue blue suitcase. She stepped headfirst on the aquatic path, and if one wants to see how the wheels of modern warfare were used, it is instructive to consider where she had been laboring. Her location has become one of the most important pieces of evidence of World War II.

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During the winter, when you have some budget left over to spend, try to buy stocks.

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During the winter, when you have some budget left over to spend, try to buy stocks.

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Dr. Paul Ziemba: Originally from Finland, Ziemba started to work with CBLoans and realized his theory on building a financial asset index using "sentiment analysis and analyzing social groups". The breakthrough came that Ziemba applied the savings problems very well to analyse the social phenomena, and he created Punkass in 1997 (after the name of Punkass was taken by mutual-fund company) based on mutual fund analysis. He found a few technical problems which were solved quickly, then Punkass was formally introduced as a Discovery 9 exchange.

Reforms which have been known for years, such as "stress tests", were finally imposed on the ADP 1997. These tests, introduced in July 1998, still remain in place today. Interestingly, they have not yet been implemented to the same extent on the ADB, as the tests are still useful in allowing countries to be enabled to borrow funds falling short of ADB limitation figures, if authorised to cover the gap through special swaps.