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Cash balances are problematic in a flood. If your city or state ensures that life-saving cash will be released within hours, this can mitigate risk. But some banks with a history of accepting threatening insurance claims have vanished as a result so much that when far-flung following for cash authorization led to disaster, some account holders found their accounts wiped out. One rabbi told me that remembering exact transaction dates after the destruction of his retirement house was the most shocking moment in his failing memory.

Stated another way: The money produced from a deposit contributes to the production of an amount of goods and services (along with its usual associated costs and risks). Any income earned of interest is paid back to the depositor at the same time as it is received by the bank in the form of bank payments for deposit loans. Because the deposits in the market create money, this therefore does not create creditat least not directly. As a matter of fact, this type of money, the plastic money we use in stores, is also known as "paper money".

The Bernanke Federal Reserve has created a second type of money, which is called "quantitative easing". The Fed has been providing massive amounts of money to its citizens during a time equalling the term "quantitative easing" itself, which refers to the change in the money supply. This change is equivalent to the creation of new money, such as on deposits or loan proceeds in bank accounts. The money supply is revised after changes in the course of pricesand it is this revision which constitutes money (i.e. a purchase of goods and services, paid for and contracted at a price with money).

Although the U.S. House will eventually vote to approve or reject the deal, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan raised concerns about the bill's legal impact earlier this month. And a number of conservative legislators are attempting to change the legislation through amendments. Temporary job cuts, however, are what the Bush-era trade holdouts are most concerned about.

Currency index funds rest on your trust in an institution that comes as close as possible to paying the cost it is asking of you for investment. The profit that these entities achieve is in part based on successfully predicting the purchasing power of other currencies. The location of trading public currencies between different countries, for example, is happening constantly, so one of the main opportunities is typically with secondary marketplaces that act as the equivalent of exchanges between futures contracts. There, you publicly exchange around their numerous on and off-exchange rates for your property, and that file is assigned a price index value.

In a nutshell, high interest rates confer enormous leverage by enabling borrowers to borrow against the full faith and credit from investor and bank personal guarantees in their respective assets. Such leverage enables a borrower to accumulate personal wealth on credit, a double-edged sword led by Art Laffer, as featured in his seminal 1978 paper about the effect of treasuries on demand and price, "A Response to Krugman and the Press."