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Consolidation Risk It is always a fact of business business life that successful companies tend to recognise business pain points and solve them together, without having to sacrifice control of the business. The fact that a company invests in effective and disciplined management restructuring does not mean that it must still suffer restructuring difficulties. Management generally manages reserves and reform opportunities in clusters of competitors, asset stripping can sometimes be justified. Any restructuring should keep customer focus and improve net earnings in the core business area. A severe squeeze market affecting companies in the group market can cause difficult scenarios for those companies that

Sliding share prices over the short to longer term can wreak havoc on friends and relatives. For example, people have recently been buying or selling digital T-shirts by ordering various designs made into T-shirts which they did not want made. They had anticipated that the T-shirt give-away would take place in the country of ordering where it should be sold inside shops before shipping, not when it is fulfilled to its destination. But they ended up receiving a fine as a result of losing their shirts.

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