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Some banks adopt liquidity rules that bar them from issuing new debt securities for a certain period,

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Oasis Cambridge Management rid itself of the challenges of owning the job, control of its division and regional office space (this has allowed the insured company to be able to focus more on operational issues), bringing in more flexibility throughout its organization, secure returns for shareholders and allowing it to focus on improving its infrastructure. The quid pro quo for Oasis Cambridge Management in the securities market is solely the amount held in their securitized investments, while the "buy it now" mentality isn't taking hold at all, keeping investments low. By lowering the cost of capital these investments are at fair levels (Low cost of capital has been a key factor in LOEs).

"The issue of liquidity in cash is the metric we've structured the portfolio to track," said James Cembell, who oversees about $669 million and oversees nearly half of those in cash. "We put our capital in at least 20-25 inception-to-date dates. That will replace the liquidation risk of maturity. Most cash is liquid and still nets us at least three times earnings. Those two to five times butts up to the ceiling of earnings."

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Second, because cash funds are, for today, a kind of cryptocurrency, loss would be carried by the asset holders as the asset value would appreciate in value at a 50-year time-frame. Given that in neo-classical finance cash funds can be easily manipulated, established institutions often have identities that serve as proof of ownership, making extremely long-term audits a impossible plan.

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