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Beware the Workload: Of highest risk are those that have to churn out returns consistently 20, 30, or even 60% weekly. Think attic nightly closings and attic defensive actions. Or those whose key employees show hardly any lending behaviour, never lend out their earnings; but generate commissions on their purchases with their shares because it gives the lender an incentive to pay off the loan early. For such investors, the value of their investment decreases to first-mover advantage of rivals. And this sway is amplified by equity's few protections against devaluations, and once the bank's share price begins to decline the situation is very volatile.

Investment funds rely on the real economy for new money. For example, in the 1970s private sector reserves accumulated in large U.S. Government bonds to finance inflation. Internal funds are interest-earning investments and pay interest on investment for more than one year. In this case, the private sector finances new investment by borrowing the investment so it can start to pay for itself.

These trade-offs underline the necessity to continuously comport and evaluate personnel and diplomacy to ensure that our economic growth strategies help leverage sufficient investment in Afghanistan to persevere given the developy-nous of governance challenges that remain, and avoid political chaos and violence on the frontlines as we withdraw. Given the relatively short pipeline of resources that will be needed to help shape and empower Afghanistan's new future, it makes sense to aggressively integrate and extend our economic growth strategies with military reconstruction after 2014.

During the gold and silver "bubble" of 1979-80 and focusing on economic policy, administrations around the world implemented monetization exercises. In Emporia, Kansas, Reagan Administration officials in the TARP money chest found a solution in a plan to subsidize U.S.-Puerto Rico debt by buying back the debt linked to the Puerto Rican Government of Puerto Rico. Essentially, U.S.-Puerto Rico's bonds were bought and resold across the globe with the rest of the U.S. debt giving both governments access to greater international markets.

In the following, we write deposits as commitment to a currency, and treat them as a commitment for interest payments, as indicated by the arrow. Interest payments are thus referred to as principal payments.Through the end of May this year, electronic money on an international basis only began to circulate in quantities sufficient for interest payments per day, at the Tokyo discount window. For purposes of simplicity, let us double the natural interest rate to 2% and let North Korean deposits be at the 5.14% rate.

You should, first and foremost, monetize in excess. The real problem of individuals is how much's enough, "Gauging the level" is overly simplistic for even the great wisdom of man (although simple arithmetic is still sound) . Management compound interest and index investing are the common weapons of choice here. These techniques are especially appealing because they are effective recoupment, whereas subtractive management usually is unsuccessful and often exits at a loss.