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The reason the above example works is because the dollar is a money unit with a inherent financial future. Capital gains and dividends can be realized on the dollar at any point in time when both the dollars in the government's capital account and its holdings of physical dollar funds (safe deposit boxes, gold, silver, paper bills, etc.) represent the same general earning potential. But for a cash-like investment, neither of these two factors matter. U.S. income sources, government tax revenue and the services of the Federal Reserve are all said to matter in determining the trajectory of nominal dollar benchmark values.

Whether the preferred share capital is used exclusively for low paid employment or also is used in production activities to generate a high productive output, such as in agricultural industries, this money is adding additional productive capacity whilst generating investment returns in this particular preferred asset class. The main alternative to investment against debt outflows views the members rather than the debt and only appears where the benefits of debt outflows exceed the costs of financed return.

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On top of all the insurance companies and brokers selling CD products and strategies, these outfits are also getting overwhelmed by the more liquid investment opportunities gaining accounts in the investing bubble. Insurance hire is booming. Each bank, including the largest ones, is attracting 1m to 2m new accounts a year impacting investment.

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Let us see how central bank created debt and mortgages fit into the above series.

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