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Cash mining, as this word was originally used in the context of a transaction issuing anarcho-capitalist self-organization, refers to enabling cash to be made to grow further and generate a larger amount of cash. The quality of the actual mining is the most important characteristic of a product that can be bought and sold. However, there is an advantage to having a lot of cash:

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Inherited households are one of the fastest growing segment of the population. Individuals in inherit households receive an inheritance (property rights in the legacy) along with a live heir (birthright status). The U.S. tax code treats inherits as taxable. The inheritance tax allowance is set at $5,500 in 2017. This can subtract from taxable inheritance if the inheritance is large within estates before deductions. If the inheritance is low within estates and the estate has any cost or appreciation, the tax is not payable.(Learn about inheritance tax treatment)

In an article of The Atlantic Monthly in 2007, the noted tax professor Kenneth Boulding argued that property tax valuations are impervious to inflation. Boulding cited the example of a rental unit owned by a union health safety officer, Darrin Egan. Egan could sell the mission insurance he buys to pay his union dues. If Egan owns his roof and the cost of a new roof is doubled every ten years, in 10 years the fair market value for the property is $210